Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Spanish 'ar' verbs into nouns

Making some Spanish 'AR' verbs into nouns is easy!

A number of Spanish 'AR' verbs can be easily changed into nouns by doing the following:
  1. Drop the letters 'AR' from the end of the infinitive leaving what is called the STEM
  2. Add the letter 'O'
  3. You have the noun
  4. AND it is identical to the verb conjugation for 'I' (me - first person singular)

Let's look at an example.

  1. The verb to work is trabajar.
  2. Drop the 'AR' at the end of the infinitive = trabaj -
  3. Add the letter 'O' = trabajo
  4. The noun of the work is el trabajo
  5. ...which is identical to I work which is yo trabajo

They are masculine words, hence we color code them blue. (We use redfor feminine words, and green for others like verbs etc.

votar becomes el voto, the vote, and the verb is voto - I vote, or I am voting.

cantar becomes el canto, the song, and the verb is canto - I sing, or I am singing.

progresar becomes el progreso, the progress, and the verb is progreso- I progress, or I am progressing.

dibujar becomes el dibujo, the drawing, and the verb is dibujo - I draw, or I am drawing.

odiar, to hate becomes el odio, the hate or the hatred, and the verb isodio - I hate, or I am hating.

And here are some more too...

robar, to rob, becomes el robo, the robbery, theft...
- and the verb is robo, I rob or steal, or I am robbing, stealing.

besar, to kiss, becomes el beso, the kiss...
- and the verb is beso, I kiss, or I am kissing.

estudiar, to study, becomes el estudio, the study...
- and the verb is estudio which is I study, or I am studying.

insultar, to insult, becomes el insulto, the insult...
- and the verb is insulto, I insult, or I am insulting.

pesar, to weigh, becomes el peso, the weight...
- and the verb is peso, I weigh, or I am weighing.

refrescar, to refresh becomes el refresco, the refreshment...
- and the verb is refresco I refesh, or I am refreshing.

triunfar, to triumph becomes el triunfo, the triumph...
- and the verb is triunfo, I triumph, or I am triumphing.

archivar, to file, becomes el archivo, the file...
- and the verb is archivo, I file, or I am filing.

anunciar, to advertise, becomes el anuncio, the advertisement.
- and the verb is anuncio, I advertise, or I am advertising.

cepillar, I brush, becomes el cepillo, the brush...
- and the verb is cepillo which is I brush, or I am brushing.

divorciar, becomes el divorcio, the divorce.
- and the verb in Spanish is divorcio, I divorce, or I am divorcing.

fracasar, to fail, becomes el fracaso, the failure...
- and the verb is fracaso, I fail, or I am failing.

gritar, to shout, becomes el grito, the shout, or cheer...
- and the verb is grito, I shout, or I am shouting.

caminar, to walk, becomes el camino... the road or pathway or track...
- and the Spanish verb is camino, I walk, or I am walking.

cambiar, to change becomes el cambio, the change (and the money exchanger)...
- and the verb is cambio, I change, or I am changing.

abrazar, to hug, becomes el abrazo the hug or embrace...
- and the verb is abrazo, I hug, or I am hugging.

arreglar, to arrange in Spanish, becomes el arreglo, the arrangement...
- and the verb is arreglo, I arrange, or I am arranging.

saludar, to greet, becomes el saludo.
- and the verb is saludo, I greet, or I am greeting.

With the pronunciation - for the infinitive, stress the last syllable.

For the verb and the noun, the stress is on the next to last syllable.

These examples are taken and adapted from the marvellous book first published in 1951 by Margaret Madrigal called 'Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish, A Creative and Proven Approach' published by Broadway Books, New York and available from all major booksellers online including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.


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