Thursday, October 20, 2011

Traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina

The best way to learn Spanish and get it to stick in your memory is to practice! What better way to practice than traveling to a Spanish speaking country? There are several locations that you can travel to; North America, Central America, South America, Spain and the Caribbean. For a full list of countries click here:

A great starting place for your Spanish learning travels is Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the largest city. It is the second largest metropolitan area in South America. Buenos Aires has great dinning, nightlife, scenery and best of all, culture!
Another way to advance your Spanish is by reading. Every year in April Buenos Aires has an international book fair. This annual fair started in 1975 and has a different theme every year. Writers, publishing houses, books and readers travel from all over to attend this extraordinary event.

After attending the book fair you could visit the National Library at Recoleta. The library was founded in 1810 to bring a change in society through knowledge. It has had a few different locations and buildings but its current building is something to see! The library is a symbol of the history and changes of Argentina.

There are several other tourist attractions in Buenos Aires. Since its known as a city that never sleeps, you might need to take a vacation after your vacation! Visit 123TeachMe’s travel section to learn all the phrases you may need to know for your trip to a Spanish speaking country:


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